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Tovolo Baseball Ice Molds, Set of 2 Baseball-Shaped Ice Sphere Molds, Stackable Sports Ice Molds, Sports-Themed Ice Makers, Giftable Sports Whiskey Ice Ball Molds, BPA-Free & Dishwasher-Safe

Upgrade watch parties with the sports-themed Tovolo Set of 2 Baseball Ice Molds! Using our classic sphere ice, we’ve created a slow-melting accessory for your favorite drink. The easy-to-use molds feature a stable plastic base and a leak-free silicone lid. Simply fill the plastic base to the fill line, then gently insert the silicone lid to create a seal. A hole in the top of the lid allows air to escape as the water freezes, creating seamless spheres. The ridges in the mold create deep lines in the ice, ensuring the frozen water looks like the real thing. A wide base reduces the chance of tipping or spilling in the freezer, and the lids are designed to accommodate stacking. Tight-fitting silicone lids keep water inside to reduce spills. After freezing, the silicone lid glides off of the mold smoothly, ensuring easy removal. Fire up the TV, pour another drink over your sports-themed ice, and cheer your team on to victory. Made of BPA-free plastic and silicone. Dishwasher safe.