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CAP LIVING 4/6/8-Cube Room Organizer Shelf, Storage Divider, 2 x 2/2 x 3/2 x 4 Bookcase, Colors Available in Espresso and White (Espresso, 6 Cube)

The CAP Living cube organizer features 4 spacious cubes with 2 of the cubicle with backing and 2 that do not. Finished in white or espresso laminate, it goes with any decor and can accent any room. Affordable and easy maintenance makes this a perfect piece for homes and furnished rental homes. All items come with easy assembly instructions. Please follow the instructions to avoid the damage caused by improper installment: Make sure all pilot holes are aligned before screwing. Do not screw them too tight and make sure the screws in the proper depth in the wood. Avoid nailing near the edge or end of the board. Option of white laminate or espresso. Pictures featured here are for reference only. line of easy living furniture and organizers are created to fit a variety of home styles and decor. Our motto is to create simple and affordable designs to suit different rooms and personal style with our mind on functionality and organization. An organized space promotes healthy living.