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19440pcs 2mm Crystal Glass Rhinestone Sticker Self-Adhesive White Diamond Gem Sticker Sheets for Car Vehicle/Phone/Gift Decoration/Event Clothing Shoes Embellishments Crafts, 9.45 x 7.87 x 2 Sheets

Self-Adhesive 2mm Crystal Glass Rhinestone Sticker Diamond Gem Sticker Sticker Sheets
Rhinestone material: Glass crystal
Back adhesive material: 3M strong adhesive
Color: silver white
Rhinestone size: 2 mm
Sheet Size: 9.45" x 7.87"/240 mm x 200 mm
Package Includes:
2 Sheets x self-adhesive rhinestone sticker (9.45" x 7.87")
Great for kinds of bling bling decoration DIY crafts:
- Car vehicle
- cellphone, laptop, cup
- performance clothing or shoes, wedding dresses, wedding accessories
- party, wedding, event embellishments decoration
- Gift wrapping decoration
Thank you for coming!
Have a Lucky Day:)