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Valentines Day Carnival Solid State Relay, Solid State Relay 3-32VDC Input 24-480VAC Load DC-AC SSR Electrical Equipments(100A)


1. Pure aluminum heat sink, fast heat dissipation
2. SCR and optoelectronic components, non-contact switch
3. Easy to install and widely used
4. Widely used in computer peripheral interface equipment, electric furnace heating thermostat equipment, CNC machinery and industrial automation equipment, etc.
5. Used in a large number of occasions requiring explosion-proof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion in chemical, coal mine, fireworks and firecracker equipment


Item Type: Solid State Relay (DC Control AC)
Control Voltage: 3-32VDC
Control Current: DC4-12mA
Load Voltage: 24-480VAC
Load Current: 10A/25A/40A/60A/75A/80A/100A/120A(Optional)
On-State Voltage Drop: ≤1.5V
On-State Leakage Current: ≤2mA
Off-State Time: ≤10ms
Insulation Resistance: 500mΩ/500VDC
Ambient Temperature -30℃-+70℃
Placement Method: Bolted
Work Indicator: LED
Weight: Approx. 90g / 3.2oz
Size: Approx. 30 x 44 x 59mm / 1.2 x 1.7 x 2.3in

Package List:

1 x Solid State Relay