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Chrysmela Catch Rose Gold most secure high tech earring lock earring back replacement for all types of earring posts auto adjustable auto locking hypoallergenic patented in 5 countries

Have you ever lost an earring? It can be heartbreaking, not to mention the loss of a treasured investment. Enter . Hailed as “The Most Genius Jewelry Invention Ever” by People Magazine, the patented technology provides robust locking power to keep your earrings stay in your ears, no matter where the day takes you. Made in the "Switzerland of Japan" with the precision technology found in fine watches and smart-phones. is a top quality earring back with a simple-to-use double locking system. It glides easily onto your earring post and stay locked in place until you unlock it. Patented in the US, UK, France, Italy and Japan. Proven technology since 2008. Each arrives with a brochure and an authentication serial number.