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  2. Tzu Shih My (Heart) I Magnets: Car Tzu Shih Decal Prismatix Tie Tzu) Shih Magnet, Dog Decals, Car (Funny Refrigerator/Mailbox Auto/Truck/ 4 x 6 Oval - Dye
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Prismatix Decal Shih Tzu Car Magnets: I (Heart) My Shih Tzu Tie Dye - Oval 6 x 4 Auto/Truck/ Refrigerator/Mailbox (Funny Car Decals, Dog Magnet, Shih Tzu)

Show off how much you love pets and wildlife with this Oval Shaped Magnet. They can be placed on anything metallic, including mailboxes and refrigerators.

Give a as a gift to a Dog Mom, Dog Dad, Dog Grandma, Dog Grandpa, Rescue Mom, Rescue Dad. Great for Graduation gift for your Son or Daughter.

Liven up the highway for all of the pet lovers with Dog Car Magnets.