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Springfield Clock with Thermometer, Seagull

Besides sand and surf, another staple to any beach trip is the presence of seagulls. Every sandy beach is dotted with white and gray as a flock of gulls search the shore for food. Gliding effortlessly through the sky calling out to each other, these feathered friends are a symbol of beach life and care free living. Springfield has recreated a moment from your last shore adventure with the 9656 Seagull clock with thermometer. A lone gull perches gracefully on a wooden pier observing the watery world around him. This hand-carved piece is so detailed you can almost hear the call of the seagull in the distance every time you check the time or temperature. The 9656 Resin Clock with thermometer is made completely from durable resin that can withstand the most severe weather conditions year round. The unit is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The white and gray seagull and wooden piers are fade and UV resistant keeping the color bright for years to come. The raised aqua numbers on the clock and thermometer pair with the aqua colored hands and pointer to complete the look. It is 14-Inch by 14-Inch with large digits for easy visibility. Temperature range is -60 degrees F to 10 degrees F so no matter what part of the country you're in, you will be able to monitor the wide range of temperatures in your area. Because of the precision made thermometer coils and a quartz clock movement, you can rest assured the time and temperature readings will be accurate. The clock with thermometer has a 1 year warranty and runs on 1 AAA battery (not included).